Behemoth, Empyreum, W02 P30

Relax and enjoy the chill vibes at Gilded Coeurl, a Hrothgar and Roegadyn connoisseur nightclub and place of power, now open to everyone 18+. Come hang out between quests for as long as you like in a low-pressure social space. You can even AFK here, we won’t tell anyone.Gilded Coeurl is a mature/adult establishment where we want all our visitors to feel welcome. Please read our guidelines so we can keep the vibes chill for all.
*(tl;dr: 18+ only, no public ERP, don’t be a jerk.) *

Open on Fridays 3pm - 5pm PST / 22:00 - 00:00 GMT
Special events: Satudays (check Discord for openings)

*If you are interested in performing/DJing in Gilded Coeurl, just contact Tao through our discord. *

Guidelines and Information

The Gilded Coeurl is a low-pressure place to chill and relax in. To help keep the vibes fresh, we ask visitors to follow these guidelines:

Respect and Inclusivity:

We value and embrace diversity in all its forms. Discrimination, racism, sexism, transphobia, or any form of prejudice or intolerance will not be tolerated within our community. Treat all members and guests with respect, regardless of their background, identity, or beliefs.

Kindness and Upliftment:

Foster a culture of kindness, empathy, and support. Be mindful of your words and actions, promoting positivity and encouragement. Lift others up and celebrate their achievements. Avoid engaging in negative or harmful behavior that could impact the well-being of others.

Respect for Boundaries:

Honor personal boundaries and consent. Do not invade someone's privacy or share personal information without explicit permission. Seek consent before engaging in any form of physical or virtual contact. If someone expresses discomfort or asks for space, respect their wishes.

Appropriate Attire and Conduct:

Gilded Coeurl is committed to maintaining a friendly and inclusive environment. We do not permit erotic roleplay (ERP), nudity, or sexually explicit content within our venue. Guests are expected to keep their pants on at all times. As a general guideline, please ensure that your appearance and conduct align with what would be acceptable in a hip hop music video, you can wear skimpy or skin tight clothing within reason. Jockstraps, thongs, leather, bikinis, revealing clothing are permitted, just as they would in a hip hop video.

Respect for Staff and Guests:

Treat our staff members and fellow guests with respect, gratitude, and appreciation. Be patient and understanding with staff members as they work to maintain a positive and welcoming environment for all. Report any concerns or issues to the appropriate staff members.

Responsible Conduct:

Take responsibility for your own actions and their impact on the community. Refrain from engaging in any form of disruptive or harmful behavior that may detract from the positive atmosphere we aim to foster.

Reporting and Accountability:

If you witness or experience any behavior that violates our code of conduct or makes you feel uncomfortable, report it to the staff members. We take such reports seriously and will take appropriate actions to address any violations and ensure the well-being of our community.

Hide Weapons and Dismiss Minions:

To maintain a welcoming environment, please dismiss your weapons and minions while inside the venue. Minions take up player space and can impact performance. Please dismiss your minions and hide weapons to ensure optimal performance and a visually unobstructed experience. Let's keep the venue enjoyable for everyone.

By participating in Gilded Coeurl, you agree to abide by these guidelines and contribute to creating a respectful, inclusive, and uplifting environment for all. Together, we can foster a vibrant community that celebrates diversity, promotes kindness, and supports one another on our shared adventures in Final Fantasy XIV.

If you would like to know more about Gilded Coeurl, especially if you are with us for the first time, you might want to check out our FAQ page.

Use good judgment and etiquette. Just because it's not explicitly stated in the rules doesn't mean it's allowed. Be mindful of your behavior, respecting others and the venue. Let's create a positive and respectful environment together.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Qustions and guide

"I am here for the first time."

Welcome to Gilded Coeurl! As a first-time guest, you have the freedom to explore and vibe wherever you wish. We don't have any off-limits areas, so feel free to make yourself at home. You can head to our bar and order a refreshing drink, or show off your moves on the dance floor, even on the main stage if you're feeling bold. Our venue is designed for everyone who appreciates beefy dudes and meeting new people, and everyone here is friendly and welcoming.We regularly host exciting events and giveaways, giving you the chance to win cool items. Keep an eye out for themed nights where you can participate and have some extra fun. If you prefer to simply observe and enjoy the atmosphere, that's perfectly fine too.We want to assure you that there's no need to feel anxious or scared. We actively promote kindness and friendliness, creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone. So, relax, have a great time, and feel free to approach our staff or fellow guests if you have any questions or need assistance. Enjoy your experience at our venue!

Do i have to spend gil?

At Gilded Coeurl, we want to ensure that every guest feels welcome and included, regardless of their gil balance. You don't need to spend any gil to participate in our activities or have a fantastic time. All FC rooms and spaces are freely accessible for your enjoyment.It's important to us that you never feel pressured to spend money during your visit. Our primary goal is to provide a fun and memorable experience for everyone.If you do decide to spend gil, like buying a drink from the bar, for instance, please know that it will be used exclusively for the betterment of Gilded Coeurl. It may go towards enhancing the entertainment, providing exciting prizes, or supporting our hardworking staff through fair compensation.Rest assured, whether you choose to spend gil or not, your presence and participation are valued. Our focus is on creating a vibrant and inclusive community where everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest. So come join us, have a great time, and let the good vibes flow!

"I want to dance!!!"

Get ready to bust a move on our vibrant dancefloor, which is open and free for everyone to enjoy! Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just want to let loose, our dancefloor is the perfect place to show off your moves and groove to the beats.Feel free to express yourself and dance wherever you feel most comfortable. You can dance on the dancefloor itself, above the DJ booth where our talented DJ Gary the Gay Fish spins electrifying tunes, on the speakers, or even on the main stage if you're ready to take the spotlight and showcase your skills. There's no wrong place to dance at Gilded Coeurl!Should you need a break from the dancefloor excitement, we have plenty of cozy couches and seating arrangements scattered throughout the venue. Take a moment to relax, catch your breath, and recharge before hitting the dancefloor again.Please note that the main stage is temporarily off-limits only during our engaging Vanu roll game, where participants battle against our feathered friend, GS. But don't worry, once the game is over, the main stage is all yours to dance and shine!So, grab your dancing shoes, join us on the dancefloor, and let the rhythm move you. It's time to create unforgettable memories and celebrate the joy of dancing at Gilded Coeurl!

Whats the deal with the bar?

Looking for a place to engage in lively conversation? Head over to our welcoming bar, where our friendly bartender, Dingleberry, awaits to greet you. You can order a drink from our menu for a small gil fee, adding to the immersive roleplaying experience. However, please note that ordering a drink is entirely optional; you're welcome to enjoy the bar's atmosphere without making a purchase.Our bar serves as a hub for socializing and connecting with fellow guests. Many of our patrons relish the opportunity to engage in conversation, making new friends, and sharing stories. If you enjoy stimulating discussions, the bar is the perfect spot to unwind and delve into captivating conversations.For our refined and seasoned gentlemen, we've created a cozy corner known as The Geezer Corner. This intimate space offers a relaxed ambiance, perfect for those seeking a more tranquil setting to chat and enjoy each other's company.Whether you decide to order a drink, mingle at the bar, or find solace in The Geezer Corner, we aim to provide an inclusive and engaging environment for all our guests. Come join us, share your thoughts, and immerse yourself in the vibrant social atmosphere of Gilded Coeurl."

what is "the Vanu roll" ?

Join in the excitement of our Vanu Roll game! Test your luck and skill as you face off against our lively Vanu bird, GS. In this game, participants engage in a friendly 'battle' with GS by rolling the dice using the in-game command /random. Detailed rules are explained in-game, BUT the objective is to avoid rolling a 1, as that means you've been outwitted by our feathered friend.But don't worry if you don't win the initial roll! Be part of the audience who is here to support and cheer on the challenger through emotes and words of encouragement. We believe in creating a fun and positive environment where everyone can enjoy themselves.For those who conquer the Vanu Roll challenge and roll successfully, fantastic prizes await! So gather your luck and join the excitement. It's a game that brings laughter, camaraderie, and the chance to win cool rewards.Remember, our venue is all about spreading good vibes and having a great time. So let's roll those dice, cheer for one another, and make memories together in our lively Vanu Roll game!

can i enter FC Rooms?

In our venue, we have a variety of FC rooms that you are welcome to explore. While not all rooms are directly related to the services of the venue, you are still free to check them out and immerse yourself in their unique atmospheres.For those feeling adventurous and looking for some roleplay away from the public eye, we even have a few spicy rooms to cater to your interests. Feel free to indulge your imagination and create memorable experiences.Additionally, we offer other FC rooms that are available as bath houses, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Take a moment to unwind and enjoy the tranquil ambiance.We encourage you to explore and make the most of our FC rooms during your visit. Just remember to be respectful of other guests and adhere to our overall code of conduct. Let the adventures and relaxation begin!

Is ERP allowed?


Does GC have a sync shell?

Yes. Head over to our Crime Shell page. Do crime responsibly!

Gilded Coeurl Crimeshell

Be gay, do crimes (responsibly)!

ID: GildedCoeurl

By participating in the syncshell, you agree to the following terms:Respectful and Considerate Behavior: Members are expected to treat each other with respect and consideration. Be mindful of others' experiences and refrain from using mods that negatively impact or diminish someone else's enjoyment of the game.Fun and Enjoyable Experience: The primary goal of the syncshell is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all players. Strive to contribute positively to the community, foster a welcoming environment.Mutual Support and Help: Encourage a spirit of mutual support and help within the syncshell. Share knowledge, offer assistance, and promote positive modding experience in FFXIV.

By participating in the syncshell, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms. Failure to comply may result in the revocation of syncshell privileges.


Don’t forget to grab a souvenir! Our special collector's item, Taoren's Golden Thong, can be purchased on the mannequins. Crafted by the infamous Tao Ren, complete with his signature.WARNING: Don't put it in your glamour chest or the signature will disappear!


Tip-Box mannequins are equipped with random items you can purchase as a contactless way to donate to the venue. All contribution is counted, and points added to a Leaderboard on or discord to make all who support us, stand out and be recognized for their contribution!

Extra rooms

Room 002 - The HathBath

Room 016 - the Koi pound hot springs


Meet our wonderful Staff members:


The Boss
Neglectful Father
No Singing!


Stage Diva
Big Mommy Milkers
I have Second Wind.


Retired Receptionist
Raspberry Berate
Future Hrothgirl


Nordic Vanu
Residential Rez-Mage
Cold Hands, Warm Heart


"Send It"


The Janitor
Wall-Walking Cryptid
I clean.


All Vibes, All Day
Wet n' Wild Bro
More caffeine please.

The Namazus

FC Gang
Breaking kneecaps

Billie Eilish

Professional Singer
Cleans the Litterbox
Watches you

DJ Gary, the Gay Fish DJ

It's Gary.
He is gay.


Mysterious Benefactor